Purium will be at the Chicago Treating ADHD Naturally conference on May 23. This is our third year exhibiting. Moms and kids loved our kids chocolate protein shake.

All 70+ Purium products have been approved by Feingold, either stage 1 or 2. Text me and I’ll send you the list. This includes the products I mention below – the Biome Medic and the CBD+1500 – both of which are Feingold stage 1.


50 Dollar Gift Card from Feingold
Feingold has a $50 gift card for you on your first order of $75 or more. You receive $50 off retail prices, or 25% if that is more. You will set up an account (no autoship or membership). Feingold receives a donation of 20% for your first and continuing orders. Shipping is $9.95 on all orders, regardless of price.

To order, go to iShopPurium.com, select your products listed at retail, then enter your gift card code, FEINGOLD, (if it isn’t already entered for you) which will deduct either $50 or 25%, whichever is larger. Future orders will be at a 25% discount and 20% of your order will be donated back to Feingold to continue their outreach to moms.

Every time you order, you’ll receive up to 25% off retail and Feingold, a non-profit partner, will receive a donation of 20% of your order.

Biome Medic from Carolyn Grafton and Purium
Biome Medic is a new product which detoxes Glyphosate (Roundup) out of our intestines, and rebuilds the villi. Pre-clinical trials showed it also decreased C Reactive Protein by 75% and decreased gut permeability by 35% in six weeks. 75% of all food contains glyphosate, and everyone has it in their body. (Check out the ADHD testimonial in my other video below.)

Purium is proud to announce that Biome Medic is the first product to be certified under the Gold Standard Glyphosate Detox program which can thus claim, without a doubt, that people who use it can significantly reduce the amount of glyphosate in their body.

Biome Medic - the FIRST to receive the Gold Standard Certification from The Detox Project
Feingold Pure Facts for Purium Products
CBD+1500 from Carolyn Grafton and Purium
CBD+1500 is a CBD oil in organic hemp oil, with a mild natural peppermint flavor. Most CBD oils contain 300-600 mg per 2 oz. bottle. This product contains 1500 mg, with 30 doses of 50 mg each. The price for first time buyers using the Feingold gift card is $69 plus $9.95 shipping. There’s also a 4-pack available at $299.25. In comparing prices, remember you want to compare the amount of CBD oil, not the size of the bottle.
CBD+1500 from Carolyn Grafton and Purium
Again, ordering is easy. Visit iShopPurium.com for almost all products. Use PuriumCBD.com to order the CBD oil. Your login and password will work at both sites. For a limited time, all CBD orders include free shipping, so you can order from both sites and still just pay one shipping fee of $9.95 – no matter how much you order.

If you have questions or would like help ordering, please call me or text me at (703) 405-7969.

Power Shake from Carolyn Grafton and Purium

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